Thank you for requesting an appointment to see Dr. Shikiar.  Regular office hours are:


Monday in Englewood - 1pm - 5pm

Tuesday in West New York - 1pm - 5pm


During other times Dr. Shikiar is usually busy in surgery or on hospital rounds.  However; on a limited basis, appointments can be made in the Englewood office at other times for your convenience depending on Dr. Shikiar's schedule.  You may request those times in the form below and a member of our staff will contact you.  Please await confirmation from our staff before coming to the office, as we do not wish you to come at a time when Dr. Shikiar cannot be there.




Reason for Visit (Important in helping us obtain the results of whatever diagnostic studies you have may have had)

Street Address






Area Code

Phone Number

Requested Appointment





Policy Number




Giving us your insurance information now will allow us to verify coverage and expedite the waiting time in the office.



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